inspectiTRAC Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the inspectiTRAC system. Click on a question to reveal the answer.

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Do we have to pay for each user that needs to access reports or input data?
No, inspectiTRAC pricing is based on either a per tablet model or a per site model, depending on which option best fits the needs of your organization.
Can we use the system if we are not connected to the Internet?
Yes! inspectiTRAC™ Windows-based tool can still be used to complete inspections/audits when not connected to the Internet because the data is initially stored / cached directly on the tablet. If you wish, you can upload the data when you have an Internet connection.
Why a Windows-based operating system?
There are two main reasons that Windows was chosen as the operating system. First, it allows for inspectiTRAC to be integrated into a company’s IT infrastructure so tablets can be secured just like any other piece of computer hardware. Second, companies are also able to use the same tablet(s) to mobilize any other software they are currently using, such as an ERP system.
Do we need to contact you every time there is a change in our inspections or audits?
No. The inspectiTRAC system comes with inspectiTRAC Administrator which allows the end user to set up their own questions and add graphics within the software. Companies can chose to outsource this work to Russell Associates for an additional fee.
Do we have to purchase our hardware through you?
No. inspectiTRAC is designed to be used on any tablet computer running a Windows 7 or above operating system. You can purchase the appropriate hardware from your own sources. For convenience, Russell Associates is an authorized reseller for Motion Computing. If you don't already have a source for tablets, we can help.
Is it possible to use inspectiTRAC for more than one type of inspection/audit?
Yes. inspectiTRAC was designed to be a multi-functional system that could be used across a variety of departments within a company. To date, it is being used in the following functions: food safety, safety hazard analysis, quality assurance, preventative maintenance, GMP audits, internal audits, external audits, behavior observations and job hazards analysis/job safety analysis.
Am I able to see my data on a real-time basis?
Yes. Once the data has been collected on the tablets it can be automatically uploaded via a secure web service to inspectiTRAC Manager which then allows access to the data from any device that has a web browser.
Does your system allow us to track our corrective actions?
Yes. Within inspectiTRAC Manager there is the functionality to record, assign, and monitor corrective actions.
What differentiates inspectiTRAC from other inspection software?
The main differentiators between inspectiTRAC and other systems available include the spatial feature that allows use of a map and graphic to position the inspector at the direct location within the facility where the item needs inspection; the application functions without Internet connection during data collection; and flexibility and adaptability to work with each company’s current inspections and audit processes.