inspectiTRAC Training

Do you need training on how to use inspectiTRAC Data Collector and Manager? Or, would you like to learn even more about inspectiTRAC Data Collector and inspectiTRAC Manager?

Click on a link below to view the video tutorial.

inspectiTRAC Interactive Demonstration

This interactive demonstration allows you to complete a simulated inspection using inspectiTRAC Data Collector.

inspectiTRAC 2.5 Upgrade Tutorial

inspectiTRAC Tutorial : Scheduling Inspections

inspectiTRAC Tutorial : Notification Series

inspectiTRAC Tutorial : inspectiTRAC Introduction

inspectiTRAC Tutorial : Add a Resolution

inspectiTRAC Quick Lessons

Quick Lessons are walk-throughs of specific features of inspectiTRAC Data Collector, Administrator, or Manager. Click on a link below to view the PDF quick lesson (must have Acrobat Reader installed).

Get Adobe Reader

Manager Quick Lessons

Assign Corrective Actions

Inspection Details Report

Failure Frequency Report

Look for more Quick Lessons coming soon